How "Charming to the Last" CAME TO BE

Canadian two-piece rock band Charming to the Last makes music that’s punchy, melodic, and unique. Band members Ben Bourque and Alex Arthurs deftly blend a punk/pop base with indie rock and alternative influences to arrive at an original sound that’s both accessible and experimental. Standout tracks like “Take the Shot” and “Burn Bright” show the pair’s willingness to go their own way and to express issues of family, love, mental health, and contentment authentically in a rock and roll setting.

Their debut album, It’s The Little Things, is set for a June 2020 release and will do much to bring the group’s individualism to the world and beyond. 

Bourque and Arthurs first met in Sixth Grade and forged a lifelong friendship. They recorded a few original songs and some covers over the years but always dreamed of making a full-length album together. It’s The Little Things is the realization of that dream and was created through many months of dedication and effort. Chris Maurice played bass on the tracks to help them complete their picture and fully define their sound. 

Charming to the Last now stands ready to unleash its music on rock fans everywhere and leave a permanent mark on the modern scene. Anyone looking for new music that stands its own ground is advised to discover Charming to the Last at once and get caught up in this talented two-man crew.


Ben and Alex are READY to bring their love of music to the forefront with It’s the Little Things, out NOW!”